Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pegboard Pot Rack

Over a month ago, I felt inspired to make a pot rack using pegboard from Rory's dad and an adorable stencil from my sister in law. I figured it could be a cute feature in our kitchen that could cover up some of the patch jobs from the previous owners.  Painting it was the easy part...finding time for Rory to mount it was another story. 

After weeks of subtle reminders, my handy dandy husband finally grabbed the drill and went to work. He created a frame to add more stability.  The first hole he drilled cracked the wood and then the right side of the frame kept getting drilled into the duct work.  We just decided to add the center pieces of wood and not worry about one on the far right side.  Other than those two little hiccups, things worked out and the pieces of wood were securely in place.  The peg board fit perfectly on the frame!

We grabbed a few hooks from the basement pegboard and Rory went to work hanging up various pots and pans to figure out a design that would work.  After careful deliberation and compromise, we came up with this:

Now, we do not have piles of pans in our cabinets, we have a cheap piece of "art" on the wall, and I have another project checked off my to do list.  It is these little touches that make the house become more of a home.

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